Basic business flow is Inventory Stock Process→Receive / Issue, Stock Movement, Stock Transfer, Receive / Issue History. Actual Stock is updated immediately.

  • Actual Stock is displayed by Location or Item and is update immediately. If users enter stock of Lot No., users can control stock by Location and Lot No..
  • Inventory Stock Process can be done by Location. This Inventory is used to Initial Stock of Accounting.
  • At Receive / Issue Entry, Stock Movement, Stock Transfer, you can enter Lot No. and Expiry Date.
  • Receive / Issue History is create in each process. Stock Card is create by Receive / Issue History. Stock Card has method of FIFO, LIFO, Average.

Example of Stock Card

Stock Control Process

Actual Stock

  • Actual Stock by Location, the days of stock-in and stock-out and stock value.
  • Actual stock by Item, stock value, quantity of purchase order(include Safety Stock).
  • Display the Inventory in Actual stock.

Receive / Issue Control

  • In standard warehousing processing, enter the warehousing information.
  • Display the stock Receive and Issue.
  • Enter the standard receive.
  • Enter the standard issue.
  • the stock movement process, enter the movement between locations.
  • the stock transfer process, enter the material transfer between locations.
  • Display of the stock movement record.
  • Display of the stock transfer performance.
  • Display of the loading history.

Inventory Control

  • Location creating inventory for each data.
  • Edit the inventory data that is created, a reflection and monthly inventory to the Current stock.
  • Display monthly stock.

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