Basic business flow is Unofficial P/O Entry→MPS (Master Production Schedule)→MRP (Material Requirement Planning)→Confirm MRP Result→Release Order.
As MRP is executed on PC memory, MRP is calculated from 30 second to 3 minites.

  • Users can enter Unofficial P/O or Forecast. And users can make MPS by Customer P/O or Unofficial P/O and have histories of Unofficial P/O.
  • On MPS Process, users can split Customer P/O or Unofficial P/O and balance Process Load and adjust MPS for safety stock.
  • On MRP Process, MRP is calculated by MPS. MRP has Logic of Lead Time, Lot Summary, Day Summary.
  • As MRP has Simulation, you can simulate MRP by Customer P/O and MPS. And users can find available stock.
  • MRP is Hybrid MRP. Users can use Production Control Type and MRP Type.

Master Production Schedule (MPS) / Material Requirements Planning (MRP) Process

Master Production Schedule (MPS)

  • From customer P / O the Lot can split and change the delivery date and quantity.
  • Unofficial Customer information can remove, add or modify at any time.
  • Display inventory from the MPS.

Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

  • materials planning System it can be material requirements calculation.
  • Production Planning System (MPS) Corresponding to Materials planning system (MRP).
  • can set Production term of officially and unofficially.
  • Maximum required to set period is one year.
  • You can calculate the time and production at the same time.
  • Effective stock verification by MRP simulation.

SimLex Series

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