Basic business flow is Release Order after MRP or Additional Order→RM Picking Result Entry→Production Result Entry.

  • After Release Order by MRP, users can print Production Order List (By Order No. or Production No.).
  • Users can print Picking List (By Order NO. or Production No.). And users can enter Picking Result.
  • If production is finished, you can enter Production Quantity, NG Quantity, Lot No., Location. At the same time of production entry, users can enter the Defectives.
  • If Production Result is entered by Lot No., you can execute Lot Trace and Actual Stock by Lot No..
  • Production Control reports are Production Slip, Back Order List, Production Result list.

Example of Production Slip

Production Control Process

  • Edit the production instruction of automatic calculated order or hand entered the order from the MRP.
  • The input to production can be used barcode. all data sequential from order.
  • Input and editing functions of the Defective.
  • Actual production input can be separate to production by order and production number.
  • Identification Tag ,slip and Picking List Printing.
  • Display of the lot trace during production work in process.

SimLex Series

We provide ERP, Accounting System, Production Control and Sales System for Users request.