Basic business flow is P/O Entry / Report→P/O Approval→Received Result Entry→Supplier Invoice Entry→Invoice Approval.

  • SimLex supports foreign Currency and you can enter P/O. Purchase Price Mater supports expired date and unit price by lot size.
  • After P/O is entered and printed, you can enter received result. SimLex supports to split received quantity.
  • Users can enter Advance, Debit Note or Credit Note. Debit Note or Credit Note is used for unit price adjustment.
  • Purchase Reports are P/O Back Order Report, Merchandise Received Sheet for Item, Monthly Receive Schedule Report.
  • Accounting Payable (AP) Reports are AP History Reports, Aged Payable Detail / Summary, Creditor Card.
  • Actual Purchase reports are Actual Purchase by Item, Actual Purchase by Supplier.

Example of Purchase P/O

Purchase PO

Purchase / Subcontract Process

  • Edit manually purchase orders.
  • Purchase PO Entry, Print of purchase order to supplier.
  • Materails received from P/O can be use the bar code to record.
  • Purchase advance entry,Debit note / credit note entry.
  • Slip,Order the remaining schedule,Material received report,Material received month schedule.
  • Import Duty input of overseas purchases.
  • Display of the lot trace by reverse deployment.
  • P/O、Invoice Approval.
  • The purchase order record by Suppliers code, End user code or classification large/middle/small.

SimLex Series

We provide ERP, Accounting System, Production Control and Sales System for Users request.