Basic business flow is Quotation→customer's P/O input→Delivery Note→Delivery result→Invoice input. Customer P/O and Invoice are needed to Approve.

Sales Control
  • Users can make a Quotation. If Item code dose not exist in Item Master, Item will be created automatically. After Quotation is created, Users can enter automatically from a Quotation.
  • After you enter Customer P/O, Users can enter Delivery data and print Delivery Note. Users can spirit delivery quantity or enter plural Customer P/O as 1 Delivery Note.
  • Users can print Invoice according to Delivery Note.
  • Users can enter Advance. Debit Note or Credit Note is used for unit price adjustment.
  • P/O, Delivery Reports are Confirm P/O Report, P/O Back Order Report, Weekly Delivery Schedule Report, Monthly Delivery Schedule Report.
  • Accounting Receivable (AR) Reports are AR History Reports, Aged Receivable Detail / Summary, Debtor Card.
  • Actual Sales reports are Actual Sales by Item, Actual Sales by Customer.

Example of Local Invoice


Example of Over Sea Invoice


Production Control Process

  • P/O Entry、Confirmation P/O and Confirmation P/O report.
  • Corresponding to the local invoice and export invoice.
  • Standard of trade condition is CIF・FOB・C&F・DDP・DDU.
  • Pallet management of export invoice packing list.
  • Instructions of Local delivery report and Export packing List.
  • Sales advance Entry, debit note/credit note Entry.
  • Quotation Entry and Print out of quotation report.
  • P/O、Invoice Approval.
  • Actual sale for customer,Actual sale for end user,Actual sale for classification.
  • Create special Item,BOM Pattern.
  • Month Progress,Month Schedule,Weekly schedule,Delivery back order list.

SimLex Series

We provide ERP, Accounting System, Production Control and Sales System for Users request.